The world as my teacher

With philosophy I can do anything, but I can do nothing. I can in principle do anything. My philosophy study didn’t aim to teach me any particular skill or practical knowledgde. Now for my further development, I must adhere to the Chinese saying: a thousand kilometres of road teaches more than a thousand scrolls of books.



Listen, I just got another stimulation after the movie to embrace reality. I can say: OK, THAT DOES IT. NO MORE PHANTASY – WASTE OF TIME. NO MORE MANGA FOR EXAMPLE. I WILL seek enjoyment IN REALITY. Find some real hobbies, not cheat. It’s easy to enjoy yourself with phantasy creations. It’s something else to find the same joy in the very reality.

BUT. What if I just like it? What if it is my thing to dwell in ‘phantasy worlds’? What if it has some secret advantage after all. (For example increasing my imagination?) What about: don’t worry, just be yourself and do what you love? What about the fear that not doing what I like out of some RATIONAL reason, will decrease my acces to my own heart and withhold me more from discovering my own likes and tastes? GO AGAINST NATURE OR FOLLOW NATURE?

This is just some ‘problem’ that I am conscious of ‘lately’. So it’s an ‘actual’ problem, maybe it will disappear again. I have a hunch that the answer is just: whatever, follow your instinct, balance, sometimes do this, sometimes do that. But that’s not entirely satisfactory and powerful.


(Yes people, that is human reality. Every issue has multiple sides. All decisions have a but and  reason why it should not be taken. ALL CHOICES ARE IN TENSION. Give me one, I can tell you why you can doubt it. Sometimes I deliberate and find that it doesn’t matter, there are always  reasons against and reasons for a, and no side is often weightier. And than the conclusion is: just follow instinct/feeling, or something.


Well, still, if (a personal) God exist (and that would be ‘wonderful’), so what?

By the way, watching this movie is one example of an experience which make you see the possibility that God exists. Reality is wonderful, existence is strange enough for that to be possible. (That, and FUCKING COINCIDENCE.) Nietzsche, are you sure God is dead? (I do not claim I know exactly what he meant with that..)


Hey, you know, I just saw this movie, 2001 space odyssey ((good?) movies have a certain impact on me, maybe movies are even more effective than any philosophical text). Well, I interpreted at least one message from this ‘event’ in my life (I say ‘in my life’ to make more clear what I mean, I don’t want to say this event is very important), and that is that I am not ‘into’ the world enough. I do not feeeeel the reality of this world enough. I do not embrace it enough. I do not LIVE in it enough ( not inter-essed in it enough?). I did not even know when the first man landed on the moon! I looked it up just know, it was a mere 42 years ago! 1969. (I also understand the phantasy about the moon in the movie know as the movie was 1968, before the moonlanding, of course people fantasise about what the heck one could find on that OBJECT SEEN BY AGES OF PEOPLE.) (Another message of the movie – I think – is that death is scary.)

Look, as I said, art is powerful. Hell yeah, it can alter our perception of reality. Such as a movie like this. BUT, in this age, art, and ‘simulacra’ abound. Children grow up in comic book worlds and game phantasies. MAYBE people in this age can feel a bit disconnected with the world because of all this ‘distraction’ (literal sense). MAYBE I am one of those. IF ALL THOSE ‘PHANTASY ESCAPE HOLES’ DID NOT EXIST. IF I DIDN’T SPEND SO MUCH TIME READING COMICS AND WATCHING ANIME, MAYBE I WOULD HAVE SPEND THE TIME RESEARCHING THE WORLD INSTEAD. I WOULD BE MORE KNOWLEDGEBLE ON MANY THINGS JUST LIKE OLD PHILOSOPHERS LIKE ARISTOTLE, LOCKE WHO HAD NOTHING BUT THE WORLD. (I exagerated a bit with the caps, but this is just to get across an (mere) IDEA I had – on the disadvantage of fiction and fantasy -.

That’s it for now. Oh yeah, another message of this movie IN MY SUBJECTIVE / IDIOSYNCRATIC EXPERIENCE – DAMN I LOVE THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS MYSELF AS I WANT. FUCK YOU FORMAL PHILSOPHY WITH YOUR RIGIDNESS AND …. YOU KNOW. – is that life is limited, our time is hell precious, we have to do what we love most. Maybe Paulo Coehlo is right: the only possible anwer on the meaing of life is to fulfill our ‘legend’ to walk the path of our dream. (And I got a little flash of ‘everything is possible for you to achieve, but it was not much.)




      l                                                             t                                s                           t         i    

             o                                                           h                             y       s                 a        c

                   w                                                           e                                t         e     m

                                   u p                                 a            p     p       r  o         a             c     h