The dream of meta-philosophy

Philosophy has been around for centuries. It has always resolved around the same fundamental issues. If you reflect on it, you realise philosophy has stayed fundamentally the same. A medieval philosopher like Ockam has done with the same kind of ‘ life’ or ‘ medium’  as a comtemporary philosopher. And I’m sure there has always been reflection on the use of philosophy. Philosophers have been around for a long time, is this a good thing? Since it has been such a long time, surely some great answer could be formulated to the question after reflection over so many years. This is the dream of meta-philosophy: ‘to settle the question once and for all’, at least to come with an answer that makes use of the history and experience of philosophers: is philosophy useful or not? Are philosophers significant contributors to society or not? A dream of me is that a solid answer is found to the question of the benefit of philosophy and philosophers.