The day I watched the Matrix

I’ve always wanted to see this movie once. Today I finally saw it; I should have just done it a long time ago. It was, for my taste, a great movie! Philosophical, and a bit inspiring. There’s quite some philosophical stuff to talk about concerning this movie.

I think every viewer would ask himself/herself this question: would I have taken the green pill and continue living in the fake, but happy world, or would I have taken the red pill and face the harsh but real world? If I were in that exact situation Neo was in I would have taken the red pill, because I would otherwise forever continue living in this world knowing there is a real one too and being forever curious about the latter one. Human curiosity just is too strong. Actually, in the given situation it was already decided for you which pill you would take, as the fact that there is more than this world was already exposed to you at the time. How could you than choose to continue normal life with that knowledge in mind? It’s like the garden of eden: in the act of planting the tree of good and evil in the garden, saying Adam and Eve are not allowed to eat from it, God introduced the notion of good and evil Himself – even before one of them had eaten from the tree.

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